Hi I'm Dakota,( but I prefer Koda ), and welcome to my blog (I guess that's what you call it)
I love:
Avril Lavigne.
Taylor Swift.
The Pretty Reckless.
Johnny The Homicidal Maniac. ASOUE,
Disney/Disney Pixar,
Old Nickelodeon cartoons,
True Blood,
and sadly Fifty Shades Of Grey, ,
most of all, the word " fuck " and I use quite often, ( if you're easily offended, just close the tab. )
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I mean, seriously! I know Taylor’s the lead singer, but you have to got to count Ben Phillips ,Mark Damon and  Jamie Perkins. Without the band, there’s no music. How fucking is it to remember that?!

How fucking “hard” is to remember to put “hard” in your sentence when your whole point is how easy it is to remember simple things?

Ironic yes?

Yes it is, and I want to thank you for pointing that out, because I wasn’t aware that I had forgotten the word ” hard ” until you mentioned it.So again, thank you.